Like ‘Thought the Paraclete‘, ‘Rose of God‘ is also a mystic poem written by Sri Aurobindo. In this poem, the poet seeks to explore the secrets of Divine Rose (of God). Aurobindo wrote a few mystic poems which are often known for their thematic complexity.

The soul of this poem resides on strong symbols and vibrant images which invite various interpretations. Rose of God manifests in itself Rose of Bliss, Light, Power, Life and Love.


Rose of God, vermilion stain on the sapphires of heaven,
Rose of Bliss, fire-sweet, seven-tinged with the ecstasies seven!
Leap up in our heart of humanhood, O miracle, O flame,
Passion-flower of the Nameless, bud of the mystical Name.
Rose of God, great wisdom-bloom on the summits of being,
Rose of Light, immaculate core of the ultimate seeing!
Live in the mind of our earthhood; O golden Mystery, flower,
Sun on the head of the Timeless, guest of the marvellous Hour.
Rose of God, damask force of Infinity, red icon of might,
Rose of Power with thy diamond halo piercing the night!
Ablaze in the will of the mortal, design the wonder of thy plan,
Image of Immortality, outbreak of the Godhead in man.
Rose of God, smitten purple with the incarnate divine Desire,
Rose of Life, crowded with petals, colour’s lyre!
Transform the body of the mortal like a sweet and magical rhyme;
Bridge our earthhood and heavenhood, make deathless the children of Time.
Rose of God, like a blush of rapture on Eternity’s face,
Rose of Love, ruby depth of all being, fire-passion of Grace!
Arise from the heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature’s abyss:
Make earth the home of the Wonderful and life beatitude’s kiss.


In ‘Rose of God’, Aurobindo attempts to explore the enigmatic Divine Rose.  ‘Rose of God’ is a bright and brilliant vermilion stain on the vast blue stretch, out of which the ‘Rose of Bliss’ blooms. The sapphires of heaven means the endless blue sky on which the red sun, the passion flower of the Nameless, stands bright.

Aurobindo goes on to invoke the ‘Rose of Light and Time’ in the next stanza. The Rose of God is the golden mystery, (the sun on the head of the Timeless) who acts as a guest of the marvelous hour, the Light-giver who drives away all darkness (ignorance) of the earth.

The Divine Force is also the ‘Rose of Power’ which like the Rose of Light is essential to organise and design the world of mortals.

‘Rose of Life’ bridges the two realms, earth and heaven, and transforms the mortals of the earth to deathless children of Time (immortal) in the heaven.

In the concluding stanza, the poet wishes the earth to be transformed into an eternal bliss (heaven) with the ‘Rose of Love’ and thereby to lift up the mortals from their suffering.

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